I wish to acknowledge all the traditional caretakers of the lands on which I have been fortunate enough to visit to create my visionary photography. I pay my humble respects to their Elders, past and present, acknowledging them as the traditional custodians of knowledge for their respective lands.


"Trib HüVan's unique atistry of combining personal spiritual inquiry with fine art photography has created a style of 'visionary photography' that has become instantly recognisable, allowing him to stand out amongst a sea of generic modern photography. A true 'Visual Alchemist', Trib evokes his art with dedication and wisdom, each piece carefully selected and distilled before being presented, often revealing hidden layers over time for those with the eyes to see its true meaning"   

Born and raised along south eastern Australia's picturesque surf coast, I grew up surrounded by raw natural beauty. As a young adult I was inspired by dreams of international travel, powerfully drawn to seeing and experiencing cultures and landscapes that I had only seen in books. With a small amount of money saved and my very first camera purchased, I headed off overseas with the only plan to see as much as I could. What was meant to be a short trip has ended up encompassing much of my adult life. Life on the road traveling just seems natural to me, but not one for words in a journal, I found my camera to be the best way to express my journeys.

Evoked through travel, I began to delve into a previously unknown world within myself. Inspired by wisdom teachings of esoteric philosophy and science from ancient mystics, alchemists, yogis, buddhists, shamans, indigenous cultures and sacred geometry. I began to find that the deeper I went, the more I began to understand hidden universal truths.

Today, I feel viscerally compelled to express my art in its own authentic language: photography. Alchemically blending unique photographic representations of my travels with introspective spiritual musings, I endeavour to reveal a deeply personal expression ~ a style I call visionary photography. I believe that my role as a visionary photographer is to act like a medium, conversing with the universe when she speaks, capturing our conversations and revealing my evolution when she deems it time.

The deeper we go, the clearer we see
— Trib HüVan