Magnum Opus ~ The Great Work

The Magnum Opus collection is a deeply personal offering of fine art visionary photography that exposes a window into the internal spiritual musings of visionary photographer Trib HüVan. This introspective collection of Trib HüVan's 'Great Work' takes viewers on a unique photographic journey, as he alchemically evokes and exposes his inner contemplations via the classical elements of antiquity. Combining eloquant fine art imagery with his signature style of metaphoric visionary photography, this collection of mystical photographs is a classic exemplar of why Trib HüVan is considered one of pioneers of esoteric fine art visionary photography.

Prima Materia

The Prima Materia is a collection of fine art visionary photographs that has been created to be a collaboration of sorts, between the artist, art and the viewer: "This art is dedicated to and created for YOU, the viewer. In this collection of photographs, there is no deeper meaning nor hidden story per say, instead these images are of personal catalytic moments in time that inspired my own internal contemplation. My hope is that these photographs may too, become a starting point for your own inner story, inspiring a journey of spiritual contemplation and personal introspection."